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Saturday, 19 April 2014        

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Latest Pomments Posted
19/04/2014 by Lily
Drinking water belongs to everyone on this planet. How is it possibl...>
5/04/2014 by PROBODYHEALTH
Worldwide Alliance to End Fluoridation In case anyone missed t...>
5/04/2014 by probodyhealth
There has been a huge increase in children getting tumours, in young girls ...>
2/04/2014 by Jason
100% yes. Not only is it a waste of money but it`s also force...>
2/04/2014 by DianeDraytonBuckland
Drinking, eating & bathing & swimming in hazardous waste known as ‘water f...>
1/04/2014 by Lindell
Also, the fluoride waste that they`re using is not the same as naturally oc...>
1/04/2014 by probodyhealth
It was Dr Andrew McDonald (Labour MP) who tried to make it mandatory in the...>
31/03/2014 by Brian Tunks>
31/03/2014 by Brian Tunks
Our Government`s must stop being puppets of the Illuminati`s NWO and their ...>
21/03/2014 by Ervis
Fluoride is toxic poison. The reckless practise of drinking wa...>
21/03/2014 by Ervis
Fluoride is toxic poison. The reckless practise of drinking wa...>
5/03/2014 by luke
This has been a minimum 40 year public fight. Can anyone see Justice around...>
5/03/2014 by luke
A leading cause of ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) and auti...>
3/03/2014 by pro body health
I think if more people do this and the manufacturers realise that it might ...>
28/02/2014 by Lindell
Also, my first two children were raised on spring and river water at and ne...>
28/02/2014 by Lindell
`We are legally required to add fluoride to Melbourne’s water under the Hea...>
25/02/2014 by probodyhealth
This is a reply I received from Tony Abbot. I refer to your co...>
22/02/2014 by probodyhealth
This is a list of emails of both side of parliament. I think we should ask...>
19/02/2014 by Anne Smith
Whatever the size and the appetite of a dog, combined fluoride exposure fro...>
18/02/2014 by probodyhealth
Read probodyhealth's comment on Article 62 (contains hyperlink)......>
14/02/2014 by Allan Jones
Thank you for your reply,My only conclusion to this Fluoride issue is to ra...>
13/02/2014 by PROBODYHEALTH
12/02/2014 by probodyhealth
Please join this campaign. Australia wide anti fluoride petition of non-co...>
12/02/2014 by Bob
How is it that this article has 23093 views and the attached YouTube video ...>
4/02/2014 by pro body health
ATTN: PLEASE JOAN what is scheme water?...>
3/02/2014 by aLAN
Landlessness is the major reason why people are lacking healthy food and wa...>
3/02/2014 by Joan
I used to have swollen ankles ,...but. since I have stopped drinking sc...>
3/02/2014 by pro body health
It appears that quite a few radio announcers have appointed themselves as a...>
2/02/2014 by aLAN
Fluoride causes magnesium deficiency. Google `fluoride + magnesium deficien...>
24/01/2014 by allana
And with `Choice` magazine you will probably get the same letter back from ...>
24/01/2014 by allana
No doubt the TV etc industries are linked up with the pro fluoride newspape...>
24/01/2014 by pro body health
ATTN Firewater movie maker We need the firewater movie to be s...>
24/01/2014 by probodyhealth
AFAMildura (Thursday, 2 January 2014 ) Can Water Supply Authority Sta...>
24/01/2014 by allana
Yes Downy, the facts about what is true does not matter to any estab...>
24/01/2014 by Aafke Downey
I have spoken to our health department some time ago and the reply was that...>
19/01/2014 by Ros
I agree with Alan. I also don`t trust our governments. They no longer rep...>
18/01/2014 by Mike
One name explains the whole thing- the (Bilderberg Group) they control the ...>
16/01/2014 by Anti fluoride We now have 400 hundred signatures - but...>
16/01/2014 by pro body health
ATTN: Major fluoride Dentists are not qualified to prescribe anythin...>
15/01/2014 by Major Fluoride
Read if you want facts !>
6/01/2014 by Steve Silver
Absolutely agree, this is now going as far as hurting all food/bev produced...>
4/01/2014 by Vicky
I am with you aLAN...>
3/01/2014 by Andrew Scott
Sadly the Aust public have been brain washed that fluoride is beneficial & ...>
3/01/2014 by aLAN
@Helen Pearce: I don`t have any trust in the government to give them...>
2/01/2014 by AFAMildura
Can Water Supply Authority Staff be Arrested for Fluoridating Public Drinki...>
2/01/2014 by Helen Pearce
Hello! I have advertised this before, but no one has signed it yet. ...>
30/12/2013 by Pamela Monaghan
`It`s time once and for all to take sodium fluoride out of Australia`s wate...>
25/12/2013 by Ric
Talk about binfo ie. Information for the bin. Fluoride connected with...>
13/12/2013 by Leisa Fleming
Stop poisoning our children!!...>
11/12/2013 by Anti fluoride
Petition to get the Fluoridation Act repealed in NSW Please send this...>

A media frenzy on fluoride
18/12/2012 Queensland
This is a summary of the 13 odd Fluoride articles and polls published in the media throughout Queensland, 7th to 16th December 2012. It also contains ABC's 730 report 6min video broadcasted on Friday the 14th Dec. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 30288 Comments Posted POSTS 220

Gov gives councils power to decide on fluoride
30/11/2012 Queensland
FAR Northern councils will not be forced to swallow the mandatory fluoride forced on them by the former State Government, with new laws restoring power to local communities to decide what goes into their drinking water. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 11776 Comments Posted POSTS 57

Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ
15/08/2012 World Wide
Harvard University researchers' review of fluoride/brain studies concludes 'our results support the possibility of adverse effects of fluoride exposures on children's neurodevelopment.' ...more
Article Views VIEWS 6528 Comments Posted POSTS 24

Bunbury dentists push for decay solution
1/08/2012 Western Australia
Australind Dental Centre dentist Dr Tim Crofts said it was worrying to see children that had not reached school age with painful infections which could lead to bacteria “poisoning” their body. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 5796 Comments Posted POSTS 24

Queensland Communities get choice on fluoride
26/06/2012 Queensland
Fluoride will not be forced on the Queensland region's outlying communities in a move that could prevent millions of dollars being wasted on water no one drinks. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 9160 Comments Posted POSTS 21

Bundaberg Council hopes to win on fluoride
22/06/2012 Queensland
Cr Bush was heartened yesterday when he received news Premier Campbell Newman had said he would consider allowing some Queensland communities to opt out of having fluoride added to their regional water supplies. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 5919 Comments Posted POSTS 36

Fluoride Free Beer and Wine?
9/10/2011 Australia
I thought I’d create an article for open discussion on 'natural' beer and wine. What do you know about the Australian beer and wine industry with regards to Fluoride/Toxins, raw ingredient, organics/gm , and the ownership of these companies? ...more
Article Views VIEWS 10690 Comments Posted POSTS 68

Hidden Camera in Fluoride Treatment Facility
4/10/2011 America
A special report shows never-before-seen undercover footage shot at the Austin Water Treatment Facility in the US, showing the process of adding the corrosive and highly toxic chemical to the water supply. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 9801 Comments Posted POSTS 17

FAN Australia drops a bombshell on Water Fluoridation
4/04/2011 Queensland
Merilyn Haines has found through statistics that the permanent teeth of children in unfluoridated Queensland were erupting on average two years earlier than the children in the rest of AU. This brings light to the decay claims by dental researchers. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 17741 Comments Posted POSTS 133

Anti-fluoride lobby vows to fight on
1/05/2010 Victoria
Anti-Fluoridation Group of Mildura will continue their fight until fluoride was removed. Official validation of the group’s referendum revealed 94 per cent opposition to the introduction of fluoride. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 13622 Comments Posted POSTS 82

Fluoride treatment plants again fail health guidelines
8/04/2010 Queensland
SOUTHEAST Queensland's fluoridated water has breached health regulations again as the Bligh Government admits treatment plant problems could continue to cause dosage errors. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 8705 Comments Posted POSTS 39

Top 10 House Hold Toxins
1/04/2010 World Wide
Here is a guide to some of the most commonly found toxins, the latest information from animal and early-stage human studies, and what all that means for your home. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 7026 Comments Posted POSTS 7

18/03/2010 Queensland
Toowoomba’s million dollar fluoridation plant at Mt Kynoch is becoming operational on March 31st, 2010. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 5983 Comments Posted POSTS 14

Fluoride rally fails to gain support
17/03/2010 South Australia
A lone campaigner was the only person to walk Commercial St on Saturday in the rally he organised to allow those in favour of Fluoride to demonstrate their support. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 5536 Comments Posted POSTS 13

Chinese Fluoride In Mass. Water Raises Concern
11/03/2010 America
The Amesbury Water Department pulled fluoride from its system with concerns about its supply from China. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 5152 Comments Posted POSTS 5

Fire Water Film - Australian Documentary
4/10/2011 Australia
Fire Water is a Sapphire Eyes Productions documentary that exposes the truth about the industrial-grade fluoridation chemicals used to fluoridate Australian public water supplies. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 35116 Comments Posted POSTS 161

Dr. Paul Connett Explains
6/04/2011 World Wide
If you are looking for answers on fluoride this is the only video you will need to see. Sit back and watch Dr. Paul Connett present 'The Case Against Fluoride'. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 15737 Comments Posted POSTS 90

European Court ruling spells an end to fluoridation
12/05/2009 United Kingdom
Fluoridated water must be treated as a medicine, and cannot be used to prepare foods. That is the decision of the European Court of Justice, in a landmark case dealing with the classification and regulation of 'functional drinks' ...more
Article Views VIEWS 7834 Comments Posted POSTS 12

Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation
1/01/2009 World Wide
Get the facts
Leading researchers in the field presents a powerful indictment of the fluoridation program. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 23920 Comments Posted POSTS 169

9/08/2007 World Wide
Read about EIGHT recent events that make action to end water fluoridation urgent. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 45937 Comments Posted POSTS 111

The Fluoride Deception - Interview With Christopher Bryson
16/08/2006 America
Watch the  Interview With Christopher Bryson
Former producer at the BBC discusses the findings of his new book The Flouride Deception ...more
Article Views VIEWS 7033 Comments Posted POSTS 17

The Hidden Adgenda - Water Fluoridation
16/08/2006 America
Get the facts
DR. Monteith talks about Fluoride and the hidden agenda behind it. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 6831 Comments Posted POSTS 5

Book: Fluoride in Drinking Water
1/01/2006 World Wide
BookThis book is avaliable for reading online follow the links to view the origional source. ...more
Article Views VIEWS 6004 Comments Posted POSTS 2

Debate on Water Fluoridation
1/06/2004 World Wide
. A short debate on the risks/benefits of water fluoridation and fluoride - featuring Dr Euan, Dr. David Locker and Dr. Paul Connett ...more
Article Views VIEWS 5787 Comments Posted POSTS 3

29/06/2000 World Wide
Video of Dr William Hirzy, vice president of EPA's Scientist Union. He testifies against the fluoridation before the subcommittee on wildlife, fisheries and drinking water, United States Senate ...more
Article Views VIEWS 5015 Comments Posted POSTS 0


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